All our tours are aimed at advanced cyclists, familiar with racing or cyclo-cross bikes, who habitually cycle in their free time. We combine the pleasure of a cultural holiday with a taste for cycling, planning tours that entail a significant distance and substantial altitude excursion, even the easiest.
There are four types of tour: Minitour, Explore, Granfondo and Pro Race. Minitours are short outings offering the possibility of visiting a town or area. Explore tours are naturalistic and cultural cycling trips lasting a few days. Granfondo and Pro tours are aimed at the most competitive cyclists, so they are the most demanding: they include participating to Randonnée and Granfondo events, or racing stages and routes.
To keep things simple, tours are classified in levels based on distance and altitude, from the easiest to the most demanding: EASY, MEDIUM, ADVANCED, DIFFICULT.


These tours are aimed at those who use their bikes at weekends for short outings or to keep fit. Cyclists who can ride up to 50km a day, with climbs, descents and sprints, with a maximum altitude of 600 meters.


These trips are more demanding than the previous, sometimes stretching to 70 km a day, with altitudes up to 1000 meters, ideal for those who even when on holiday cannot do without the pleasure of a nice long ride.


These are “hardcore” tours: some days feature remarkable distance and altitude for a cycling holiday, up to 85 km and 1500 meters. They are suitable for athletes who train regularly.


Are you super-fit, competitive and love long distances or gruelling routes? Do you want to try your hand at a stage of the Giro d'Italia or participate in a Gran Fondo? These are the tours for you.


A luggage transport service between hotels is included in the price of the tour: please limit luggage to one suitcase per person (mandatory on some tours).
- Group trips
- For businesses (incentive and team building)
- Custom trips for groups
Group trips include a guide, at your service, who knows the route and the language.
Unless stated specifically all Gran Tour Events trips are all-inclusive, and feature specifically:

- overnight stays in 3,4,5 star hotels, farmhouses, B&Bs, other kinds of facilities
- breakfast
- full board
- luggage transport service between hotels
- cyclist guide (English speaker on request)
- support vehicle (not following the group but available if needed)
- transfers inside the tour when not done by bike
- visits and tastings
- small extras such as drinks, ice creams, snack
- bike and helmet rental
- RC insurance

The price does not include: transfers to and from the starting and finishing points of the tours, personal extras.

The group may be made up of people from the same country or it may be international. For group trips the minimum number of participants is four people (this may differ according to the tour in question), and the maximum is between 10 and 12 people.
Departures are on fixed dates. If the minimum number of participants has not been reached there may be a price adjustment, or the trip may be cancelled or postponed; any changes will be communicated 21 days before departure. If the tour is cancelled another tour will be proposed as a replacement.
Guides speak Italian or English (according to each single offer) and cycle along with the participants, know the local language, solve any problems which may occur (be they technical or communication problems), and if need be will explain the best cycling technique for each terrain.
Are you a group of friends, an association or a group numbering 10-15 people? We can organize a custom tour just for you. Please request a quote for any area you wish to visit.
A new way to motivate your team, combining the competitive aspect with the pleasure of sharing a unique experience. We have gained experience with companies and bodies throughout Italy regarding team building and company events. Please contact us, we will help you achieve your objectives.
Bike rental is included in the price of the tour.
Rental bikes are medium-high range with 20 to 27 gears, fitted with standard or disk brakes; they are not insured against theft; they may be supplied fitted with a front bag on request.
On tours with e-bikes on offer, we mean a bike with assisted pedalling. This means the engine helps but pedalling will still be necessary.
Overnight accommodation facilities include 3,4,5 star hotels, farmhouses, B&Bs, other kinds of accommodation.
Tour prices refer to double rooms. An additional charge will apply for single rooms.
If a sojourn tax is envisaged it will be billed to participants.
Gran Tour Events trips include full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Tastings, aperitifs, samples are also all included, unless specifically stated.
The roads we will be cycling on have all been chosen specifically in order to avoid car traffic as much as possible.
Where available they are closed to traffic: cycle-ways, river banks, country lanes, and in some cases minor roads with very little traffic.
Trafficked roads are used only when there are no alternatives.
Mileage reported for each stage is indicative but not necessarily precise, distances may vary also according to individual detours that might be undertaken on location.
The trip's meeting points must be reached independently.
To bring your own bike on a plane pack it following IATA regulations or use a dedicated bag; bikes are often considered as normal luggage. All Italian arrival and departure cities may be reached with a train+bike service available on many trains at a cost of € 3.50 for each bike, or free of charge if the bike is stored in a package of appropriate dimensions.
After you place your booking you will receive via email a file containing general information which applies to all trips. Specific information regarding the tour you have booked (how to get there, list of hotels, etc) will be sent via email three weeks before departure, after receiving payment in full.
To book you must fill out our booking form and send it by post, fax or email.
To confirm a booking please pay 25% of the full price for your trip; full payment must be received one month before departure. No additional fee is required.
Our agency is insured by xxx Insurance. Before departure you will receive with your travel documents a file containing a summary of insurance conditions and an emergency number to contact xxx in case of need.
In the case of disservice it should be immediately reported to the assistance numbers listed in the travel documents.
Please use these numbers to immediately report any disservice, as this will allow us to promptly intervene. Complaints put forward at the end of the trip will not be accepted unless this service is used during the trip.
In the case of Gran Tour Events cancelling the trip, another tour will be made available, or the participation fee will be refunded minus booking expenses.
Penalties for cancellation by participants are as follows:
- 15% of the entire booking fee up to 45 days before departure, with a minimum of 50 €
- 35% of the entire participation fee from 44 to 28 days before departure
- 50% of the entire participation fee from 27 to 11 days before departure
- 80% of the entire participation fee from 10 to 3 days before departure (excluding Saturday)
- no refunds will be carried out thereafter. In some cases instead of cancelling the trip it will be possible to move the trip to a later date of the current year with a small penalty fee.
We cannot guarantee optimal weather conditions for the entire duration of the tour.
We advise you to also pack some warm and waterproof clothing in case of cold weather and rain. Please check the weather forecast before departure.
- dressing tips: dress in layers, so you can leave on what is necessary to avoid being cold or too hot; put on or take off clothing without waiting too long.
- eating tips: eat enough, especially at breakfast to avoid sugar lows during the day (breakfast is often very rich in all our tours); drink plenty of water, especially on very hot days.
- every participant must adhere to the Highway Code, for his own safety as well as the safety of everyone else.
- if possible do not use backpacks: they make your back sweat and increase weight on the seat; use cycling bags (all rented bikes may be fitted with a front bag on request) and cover the clothes inside with nylon bags.
- what to bring with you: whatever may be necessary throughout the day, technical cyclist clothing might be useful but is not strictly necessary. Here’s what you really need:
- shorts, long trousers, tracksuit
- padded cycling short
- waterproof overshoes or sandals in summer
- T-shirts and a jumper (it might be cold in the evenings, even in summer)
- waterproof overalls
- a good pair of shoes (and a spare pair!)
- sunglasses/hat
- swimming costume (there is always a lake, a river and the sea waiting for us...)
- camera (if you have any good pics for next year’s catalogue... please send them to us)
- mosquito repellent
- how to prepare for the trip: no training is necessary but we advise you cycle at least one hour a day for a little while before departure, as to give your body a chance to get used to exertion.
- during the trip: on level ground do not cycle faster than you feel is right, if you fall behind it is best to catch up on a downward slope; do not insist on cycling uphill if you feel under strain, it is best you rather get off your bike and walk up the hill.
- your guide is equipped to treat small accidents (like grazes due to a fall, etc). He can solve the most common problems a bike may incur in. He can also give advice on how to effectively use gears.
- if it rains during a (group) trip we will stop almost immediately; generally in summer, rain does not last more than half an hour; should it persist, we will take a shortcut; if it rains from the morning we shall leave for the next stop anyway. Good waterproof overalls will totally shield you from the rain for many hours; K-Way jackets are not suitable because they will not keep you dry more than 10 minutes, but they are excellent against wind
- what we ask of participants to group trips: the needs of the individual should coincide with those of the group as much as possible (it is not easy, but let’s give it a try...). Stops for visits, taking pictures, or a little rest will be frequent and organized by the guide with the help of all participant

- please remember to bring some ID; for some trips a passport is required; in some countries outside of the Schengen area an ID card with just a renewal stamp is not considered valid, you must have a new ID card.
Most of our tours are not suitable for children. If a tour is suitable for children it will be clearly stated.

IMPORTANT: as of June 26th 2012 children under 18 may no longer travel abroad without an individual identity card.
Therefore registration on a parent’s passport will no longer suffice, although said document will still be valid for the parent until expiry.
Minors will be issued with their own passport fitted with a microchip. For children over 12 finger prints and digital signatures will also be recorded.
Full permission from both parents is necessary to issue an individual passport for a minor, even if the child lives with just one of the parents or is under the legal custody of just one parent.
Individual passports valid ten years, issued to minors before the new regulations came into force (25 November 2009) will still be valid until expiry if complete with the parents data for children under 14 (Source: Italian Home Office).